Death Is On The Perimeter


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released October 17, 2013

guitars, drums and vocals performed by M. Oerther
bass: C. Tonegawa
backing vocals by M. Oerther, C. Tonegawa, W. Ragland, Mateo Barnett
recorded 2013 @ Wax And Tape by Kent O'Bryan

all songs by Dirty Bitch




all rights reserved


DIRTY BITCH Louisville, Kentucky

no ghost save some room for me

Dirty Bitch
Louisville KY

Mike Oerther
William Ragland


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Track Name: Terror Scenes
Terror Scenes

I've seen the face of the man who walks the shore.
his drawn black eyes and a smile thats for show.
and in his walk it seems that he can walk no more.
but i dont think anybodys ever seen this before.

the infected crowd shivers as your body enters the room.
let them all go now, to sleep.
when the sign appears upon their face that severed lies from all of their dreams.
they are all around you and they're waiting with screams.
and the sound was so loud infecting minds with terror scenes.
it was so loud.
nothing here to see.
Track Name: Dementia

step aside as he walks this way
doesn't seem to know where he's been
then his eyes they just roll away
wondering on and on he goes, never moving, this is wierd
I cannot stay for long
I'm gonna leave him with you now
in his loneliness he lies and then a smile thats drenched in fear
then a scream comes from his mouth
shocking everyone around the town
he'll bring you into his mind, right in the middle
forgot to mention
he's got dementia
swirl your mind, you never know what you'll find
he's okay, but he doesnt even know that he's standin' right here next to me
forgot to mention, i've got dementia